Karalekas, Anne - from United States

ID: 4690
Organization: ACG-YL
Country of meeting: San Franciso, CA in the year 1982

Is a 2019-2020 Associate of the Applied History Project. With a dual career in business and as an historian, she has held management and executive positions with McKinsey & Co., the Washington Post, and Microsoft, and she is currently writing the first full-scale biography of Robert A. Lovett, the statesman and financier. She is the recipient of the Truman Library Institute's 2018 biennial Scholar's Award.

Dr. Karalekas is the author of the first published history of the Central Intelligence Agency, which has remained a basic and widely cited source since its release by the Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities (the Church Committee). She has served as a Director of DigitalGlobe, Inc. and as a Trustee of Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts.


Activities in the Orangization:
Young Leader