Aller, Heinrich - from Germany

ID: 4718
Organization: ACG-YL
Country of meeting: Hamburg in the year 1984

Elected full-time Member of the Lower Saxon Parliament for the first time in 1982, retired in 2013. Served as Spokesman for finance, budget and economic affairs in the parliamentary group of the SPD (Social Democratic Party of Germany). Chairman of the fraction until 1998. Appointed Finance Minister in 1998 by Chancellor Gerhard Schröder (then Prime Minister of Lower Saxony). Held this position under Schröder’s successors Gerhard Glogowski and Sigmar Gabriel until the end of the legislative period in March 2003 followed by change in government due to election, won by the CDU, in February 2003.

Reelected to parliament for 7th period (2008 – 2013) in January 2008. Second period as Chairman of the Committee on Budget and Finance, Member of the Committee on Federal, European, International and Media Affairs. Retired as the most senior member of parliament with over 30 years of continuous membership in February 2013.

Activities in the Orangization:
Young Leader