Ueland, Eric - from United States

ID: 5902
Organization: ACG-YL
Country of meeting: Berlin in the year 2008

Is an American political advisor and government official. He was President Donald Trump's first nominee to become Under Secretary of State for Management in June 2017. His unsuccessful nomination was withdrawn in June 2018 in favor of Brian Bulatao.

Ueland has served in senior positions in the United States Senate since 1996, including as chief of staff for Republican Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and Assistant Majority Leader Don Nickles. Roll Call described Ueland as a "longtime budget and Senate rules expert" who is "regarded as one of the smarter procedural strategists for the Republicans."

From 2007 to 2013, Ueland was vice president of the Duberstein Group. Most recently, he has served as the Republican Staff Director of the United States Senate Committee on the Budget since being hired by Jeff Sessions in 2013. Ueland was a member of Donald Trump's transition team.


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