Berthoin, Georges - from France

ID: 11028
Organization: AIG
Country of meeting: in the year 2009-2010

Is, since 1992, European Honorary Chairman of the Trilateral Commission having held the position of European Chairman since 1975. He was Chief Representative of the Commission of the European Community to the United Kingdom from 1971-73, until Britain's entrance into the Community.

Educated at the University of Grenoble, Ecole des Sciences Politiques in Paris, and Harvard University, Mr. Berthoin began his career in the French Civil Service as Private Secretary to the Minister of Finance (1948-50). After a period as Head of Staff in the Superpréfecture of Alsace-Lorraine-Champagne (1950-52), he joined the European Civil Service, and served as Principal Private Secretary to Jean Monnet, President of the High Authority of the new European Coal & Steel Community (ECSC)..

Mr. Berthoin first took up duties in London in 1956 as Deputy Chief Representative of the ECSC. Between 1978-81, he was International Chairman of the European Movement and since, International Honorary Chairman. He was a member of the Nine Wise Men Group on Africa (1988-89), and is a member of the Board of Aspen, Berlin and of the International Peace Academy in New York. Mr. Berthoin is Honorary Chairman of the Jean Monnet Association and was a Trilateral Commission Task Force author on The Reform of International Institutions (1976, with C. Fred Bergsten and Kinhide Mushakoji)..

Activities in the Orangization:
Honorary Trustee