Bremer, Heiner - from Germany

ID: 11905
Organization: ATB
Country of meeting: in the year 2016

Journalist, TV presenter and former politician (FDP). Bremer studied law and political science and passed his second state examination in law in 1970. He then worked for the magazine Stern for 19 years and was one of three editors-in-chief from 1986 to 1989. In 1987, he was responsible for the decision to put the photo of Uwe Barschel, a politician lying dead in the bathtub, on the cover of the magazine. In 1981, together with Wolf Perdelwitz, he published the book Geisel Europa (Geisel Europe) with a map of thousands of nuclear weapons on German soil at the Berlin publishing house Olle & Wolter. He became known on television through the midnight news programme RTL Nachtjournal on the private channel RTL, which he developed from the end of 1993 and directed and moderated from 3 January 1994 to 6 January 2004. From 2004 to 6 June 2016, he presented the talk show Das Duell on n-tv.

Was FDP district chairman in the Pinneberg district until 1971 on the news channel n-tv. He was then a member of the FDP Schleswig-Holstein state executive until he left the party in 1982. In 1970 he was Federal Chairman of the Young Democrats, the then youth organization of the FDP. Like the entire organization, he was regarded as left-wing, so that in 1970 the later Bavarian FDP chairman Josef Ertl demanded Heiner Bremer's exclusion from the FDP on the basis of the Berlin Manifesto of the Young Democrats, which found similarities between socialism and liberalism. He called him an "adept of socialist ideas". (Translate)

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