MacLaren, Roy - from Canada

ID: 12509
Organization: ATB
Country of meeting: in the year 2008-2009

Canadian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom (1996–2000), Member of the House of Commons of Canada (1979–1984) and (1988–1996), Minister for International Trade (1993-1996), Minister of State for Finance (1983-1984), Minister of National Revenue (1984-1984)

Advisor to British Petroleum, Computing Devices of Canada, the Bank of Nova Scotia and AMEC. Mr. MacLaren is a Commissioner of the Trilateral Commission. He served as Director of Public Affairs for Massey Ferguson Ltd. since 1969. Mr. MacLaren was a Diplomat and a Businessman and a Partner in CB Media Ltd., the publishers of Canadian Business and Profit magazines. Since 1977, he was the President and Publisher of CB Media Ltd. Since 1974, he was President of Ogilvy Mather Canada.

Activities in the Orangization: