Jay, Nelson Dean - from United States

ID: 14768
Organization: BBG
Country of meeting: NLD in the year 1954

Banker. He worked for the Milwaukee Trust Company from 1907-1910 as a manager in the bond department. In 1910, he was vice president of First National Bank, Milwaukee. From 1911-1915 he was a manager in the bond department for the Guaranty Trust Company.

New York City, 1915-1916, vice president, 1916-1920. Partner Morgan & Cie, Paris, France, 1920-1945. Chairman Morgan & Cie, Incorporated, Paris, France, until 1955.

Member of directors advisory committee Morgan Guaranty Trust Company Chairman administrative committee American Red Cross, 1943-1944. Chairman of the Board American Hospital Paris, 1937-1957.


Activities in the Orangization: