Starr, S. Frederick - from United States

ID: 22737
Organization: BOC
Country of meeting: Lost Angeles Camp in the year 2002

Expert on Russian and Eurasian affairs, a musician, and a former college president, having served as President of Oberlin College for 11 years. He joined the American Foreign Policy Council as Distinguished Fellow for Eurasia in January 2017.

Founder and Chairman of the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute, he is fluent in Russian, and is the author or editor of 20 books and more than 200 articles on Russian and Eurasian affairs. Starr's expertise is in Afghanistan, Central Asia, the Caucasus, Russia and the rest of the former Soviet Union. He focuses on developing nations, energy and environment issues, Islamic faith, culture and law, and oil politics.

Starr has advised three U.S. presidents on Russian/Eurasian affairs and chaired an external advisory panel on U.S. government-sponsored research on the region, organized and co-authored the first comprehensive strategic assessment of Central Asia, the Caucasus and Afghanistan for the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1999, and has followed up by close involvement in drafting of recent U.S. legislation affecting the region.

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