Riboud, Jean - from France

ID: 26475
Organization: C1001
Country of meeting: in the year 1978

Riboud was born to a French banking family in Lyon, France, graduated in 1939 from L'École des Sciences Politiques, and began working for Marcel Schlumberger in 1951 as a financial assistant. After helping to merge the four independent Schlumberger divisions into Schlumberger, Limited, he was named general manager in charge of Schlumberger operations in Europe and the eastern hemisphere in 1959. When Pierre Schlumberger, the son of Marcel, resigned in 1965, and Jean Riboud was named president and chief executive officer of Schlumberger, Limited. Until 1969 he would work alongside Permindex founding board member John/Jean de Menil (see the 1001 biography of Mrs. Pierre Schlumberger). In the mid-1980s, as oil prices plummeted, so did Schlumberger's revenues and profitability. By 1985 Riboud was forced to resign.

Activities in the Orangization: