Peccei, Aurelio - from Italy

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Organization: CoR
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Industrialist and philanthropist, best known as co-founder with Alexander King and first president of the Club of Rome, an organisation which attracted considerable public attention in 1972 with its report, The Limits to Growth.

His knowledge of other languages brought him to Fiat S.p.A.. Although under continual suspicion as an anti-fascist in the early-1930s, in 1935 a successful mission for Fiat in China established his position in Fiat management. After the war, Peccei was engaged in the rebuilding of Fiat. He was engaged concurrently in various private and public efforts then underway to rebuild Italy, including the founding of Alitalia. In 1958, with the backing of Fiat, Peccei founded Italconsult (a para-public joint consultancy venture involving major Italian firms such as Fiat, Innocenti, Montecatini), and became its chairman, a position he held until the 1970s, when he became honorary president. Italconsult was an engineering and economic consulting group for developing countries.

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