Petty, John R. - from United States

ID: 34001
Organization: CFR-D
Country of meeting: in the year 2016-2017

Has served as an Anixter Director since 1988. He has been Chairman of TECSEC Incorporated, a data security company, since 1997, and Chairman of Federal National Payables, Inc., a factoring company, since 1992. Petty has been a private investor since 1988, and prior to that he served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Marine Midland Banks, Inc. He also is a Director for ANTEC Corporation.

Is the founder and chairman of Federal National Payables Inc. In his 45-year career, Mr. Petty has served as the Chairman of Marine Midland Bank, a Partner of Lehman Brothers, and as Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury. Mr. Petty serves on the boards of several major corporate, nonprofit and philanthropic organizations.

Activities in the Orangization:
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