Day, Clive - from United States

ID: 34524
Organization: CFR-M
Country of meeting: in the year 1922

Postgraduate work, Univ. of Berlin, 1892-1893, postgraduate work, Yale, 1893-1895, instructor, German, Yale, 1894-1895, instructor, history, economics, Univ. of California, Berkeley, 1895-1898, completed dissertation, Berlin, Pans, 1898-1899, instructor, Sheffield Scientific School, 1899-1900, on Yale faculty instructor, political economics, 1899-1900, instructor, history, 1900-1902, assistant professor, economic history, 1902-1907, professor, 1907-1922, acting chairman, head of Balkan Division, 1918-1919, secretary, 1919, Pans Peace Conference, Knox Professor of Political Economy, Yale, 1922-1936, Conn. Unemployment Commission, 1932-1933, professor emeritus, Yale, 1936, Fellow, Berkeley College, director graduate studies, economics, secretary, Yale College faculty, director, Spenser Turbine Co., Hartford, member, Royal Institute of Dutch India, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Batavlan Society of Arts and Sciences, Conn. Commission, American Historical Research Fund, author, Policy and Administration of the Dutch in Java, 1904, A History of Commerce, 1907, The Question of the Balkans, 1920, A History of Commerce of The United States, 1925, "The Atmosphere and Organization of the Paris Conference" in What Really Happened at Paris, 1921.

Born February 11, 1871, Hartford, Conn. Died July 27, 1951, Greensboro, Vt.

Obituary record of Graduates of Yale College, year 1951-52, page 10

Activities in the Orangization: