Post, James H. - from United States

ID: 35173
Organization: CFR-M
Country of meeting: in the year 1925

Sugar refining financier, philanthropist, and civic leader. Besides the National Sugar Refining Company of New Jersey, Mr. Post was chairman of the board and director of the Cuban-American Sugar Company and president and director of the New Niquero and Guantanamo Sugar Companies.

He was a director of the following: The National City Bank of New York, the Title Guarantee and Trust Company, the Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company, the United States Casualty Company, the Manhattan Fire and Marine Insurance Company, the Brooklyn Edison Company, the Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit Company, the Fajardo Sugar company, the Central Aguirre Associates, the Alliance Realty Company, the Holly Sugar corporation, the American Foreign Marine Insurance Association, the Underwood Elliott Fisher Company, the Westchester Insurance Company, the City Bank Farmers Trust Company, the Terminal Warehouse Company and the New Amsterdam Casualty Company, and a vice president and trustee of the Williamsburgh Savings Bank.

Activities in the Orangization: