Introduction and important hints!

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This database cannot claim to be complete. It took months to collect and process the data and fragments now available. We are constantly working on completing or supplementing these data as far as possible. Several missing organisations will be uploaded in the coming months.

Why register?

Our target group are first and foremost media of whatever form and of course those people who are really interested in it, be it for scientific reasons or curiosity.

The registration also serves for

  • E-mail notification when importing large updates
  • internal member networking and possibility of private messages
  • possible upgrade of a blog function for members
  • Ensuring the performance of the database (computing power)

Info Box

The info box contains important information about the content and period or various hints. As a rule, "INFO OPEN" is not visible. If you move the mouse to the upper right corner under the logo, "INFO OPEN" or "INFO CLOSE" appears.

Search in databases

This database is essentially designed to search for names in connection with various organizations (Think Thanks).

The universal format of the spelling of names in the DB has been standardized by us and is: surname, first name (e. g. Soros, George). This allows you to narrow down the search for frequently used surnames. Also use the "Drop Down" menu: NAME

The field "myid" represents the record number and always remains the same. So you can note down this number(s) and have a look at it again later.

In the further dropdown menu items you can search for keywords:

"professions" (professions or Company, e. g. Goldman Sachs),
"from" (citizenship, e. g., USA),
"activity" (activity or function in the organization, e.g. president)

Important: Data fields without information indicate that no information was available in the original document or on the website.

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