Bindenagel, James D. - from United States

ID: 1947
Organization: ACG
Country of meeting: in the year 2003

Is a former U.S. ambassador, a career diplomat, and an expert on Germany. He served as an American diplomat in East, West, and united Germanys during the 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall, the end of the Cold War, unification of Germany, the Balkan Wars, debates on North Atlantic Treaty Organization security policy and expanded NATO membership, and German national security from 1972 to 2002. He served as deputy U.S. ambassador (DCM) in East Germany (1989–1990) and as DCM and Charge in United Germany (1994–1997). He was appointed by President Bill Clinton in 1999 as U.S. Ambassador and Special Envoy for Holocaust Issues, was Special U.S. Negotiator for "Conflict Diamonds."

US State Department Special US Negotiator for Conflict Diamonds (2002-03)
US State Department Special Envoy for Holocaust Issues (1999-2001)
US Ambassador to Germany ad interim (1996-97)
US State Department Deputy Chief of Mission, Bonn, Germany (1994-97)
US State Department Director for Central European Affairs (1992-94)
US State Department Deputy Chief of Mission, East Berlin (1988-90)
US State Department Vice Consul, Seoul, Korea (1975-77)
Rockwell Automation Director, Business-Government Programs (1991-92)
Chrysler summer job, Belvedere, IL (1968)
American Political Science Association Fellow, on staff of Lee H. Hamilton (1987-88)

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