Klaus, Vaclav - from Czech Republic

ID: 244095
Organization: MPS
Country of meeting: in the year 1990

Politician. 2nd President of the Czech Republic (2003-2013), 1st Prime Minister of the Czech Republic (1993-1998), 3rd Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies (1998-2002), Leader of the Civic Democratic Party (1991-2002), 2nd Prime Minister of the Czech Republic (Federal part) (1992-1993), Member of the Chamber of Deputies (1990-2003), Minister of Finance of Czechoslovakia (1989-1992)

On 9 September 2014, in an interview with Czech radio station Radio Impulse, Klaus said that Ukraine is an artificially created state and that the Russian intervention in the country was part of a civil war.[69] He continued by describing Maidan as an "artificial event created by the West and the United States", in which Russia was forced to intervene. He added that in his opinion, Ukraine lacks the strong ties to keep the country together.


Activities in the Orangization:
Member, 2010