Fulci, Francesco Paolo - from Italy

ID: 250232
Organization: NATO
Country of meeting: in the year 1985-

Is a retired Italian diplomat, currently serving as President of "Ferrero SpA". Before leaving Italy's foreign service, Ambassador Fulci was Permanent Representative of Italy to the United Nations (1993–1999). In 1999, he became President of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), after serving as its Vice-President a year earlier. In 1997, he was elected to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child. During his tenure as Italian Ambassador to the United Nations (extended by the Italian Government for two more years after his retirement age), Ambassador Fulci served twice as President of the Security Council.

At the UN, he co-founded, with the Ambassadors of Egypt, Mexico and Pakistan, the so-called "Coffee Club," a powerful lobby of countries formed in the early 1990s to oppose the expansion of the permanent membership of the Security Council, and push for the enlargement of non-permanent seats. In 1998 Ambassador Fulci masterminded the procedural resolution, introduced by the "Coffee Club" and approved by the General Assembly, which states that any resolution or decision on the reform of the Security Council, at all stages of the reform process, has to be adopted with a majority of two thirds of the UN member States. The "Coffee Club" was recently revived by Italy and Pakistan under the name of "Uniting for Consensus" to block a renewed bid by Germany, India, Japan, and Brazil to obtain a permanent seat in the Council.


Activities in the Orangization:
Permanent Representative