Rohatyn, Felix G. - from Austria | United States

ID: 266118
Organization: TBI-D
Country of meeting: in the year 2004-2005

During the Korean War, he served in the U.S. Army in Germany, attaining the rank of sergeant and returned to Lazard, one of the most influential financial institutions in the world. He was made a partner in 1961 and rose to managing director, the top office in the firm, earning a reputation as a world authority on mergers and acquisitions. During that time he advised many notable financial figures, including Harold Geneen, then head of itt, and Lew *Wasserman, head of the talent agency mca. At the same time, from 1968 to 1972, he served on the board of governors of the New York Stock Exchange and on the boards of directors of a number of multinational corporations.

Activities in the Orangization:
Donor $10,000 to $24,999