Bassets, Lluís - from Spain

ID: 234627
Organization: ECFR
Country of meeting: in the year 2018

Lluís Bassets (Barcelona, 1950) has been a journalist since 1972. He graduated in Philosophy and Arts from the University of Barcelona and in Information Sciences from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He is assistant editor of El País in charge of the Catalonia edition. He has worked for the newspapers Tele/Expres and Diario de Barcelona and founded the weekly newspaper El Món. He joined El País in 1982, where he has worked, among other things, as head of Culture, correspondent in Paris and Brussels and director of Opinion. He is the author of the essays 'La Oca del Señor Bush', 'Cómo los neocons han destruido el orden internacional desde la Casa Blanca', 'El año de la revolución. How the Arabs are overthrowing their tyrants' or 'The Great Shame. The rise and fall of the myth of Jordi Pujol' and two books of conversations: 'Vindication of politics' with Javier Solana, and 'We can still understand each other' with Miquel Roca and Felipe González. (Translate)

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