Aiuto, Daniela - from Italy

ID: 235697
Organization: EU
Country of meeting: BEL in the year 2018

Politician. In 2014, she stood for election to the European elections with the 5 Star Movement in the southern Italian constituency, obtaining 35,829 votes and being elected.

She became a member of the TRAN (Transport and Tourism) and FEMM (Women's Rights and Gender Equality) committees. In October 2018, following internal diatribes, she left the 5 Stars Movement to join Italy in Comune, a political movement led by Federico Pizzarotti, mayor of Parma, and applied again for the European elections of 26 May 2019 with Italia in Comune, allied for the occasion with +Europa.

The European Parliament opened in 2017 an inquiry against her for some research funded with European funds and which would have been copied from Wikipedia and other online sites. The Aid declared itself an injured party and announced that it will take legal action against the companies to which it had commissioned the research. (Translate)

Activities in the Orangization:
Movimento 5 Stelle, Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy Group