Barekov, Nikolay - from Bulgaria

ID: 235729
Organization: EU
Country of meeting: BEL in the year 2018

Journalist, politician, and businessman. Since January 2014 he has been the leader of the political party Bulgaria Without Censorship. On 25 January 2014, Barekov founded the Bulgaria without Censorship political party and the new political establishment participated in the 2014 European elections as part of a coalition bloc with the nationalist IMRO and other smaller parties, earning two seats in the European Parliament and will be members of the eurosceptic group of European Conservatives and Reformists.

He is consistently ranked as an MEP with one of the lowest attendance rates in roll-call votes. He refused to give a reason for his absence when asked by Euronews.

Activities in the Orangization:
Reload Bulgaria Party, European Conservatives and Reformists Group