Standring, George - from United Kingdom

ID: 237651
Organization: FAB
Country of meeting: GBR in the year 1904-1905

Was a British radical politician. Standring was brought up as a Wesleyan Methodist, but became an atheist when he was seventeen, and joined the National Secular Society (NSS), becoming its secretary in 1875. That year, he also launched the Republican Chronicle newspaper, and served as its editor as it became the Republican and the Radical, finally leaving the paper in 1889. He used the paper's printing press to publish work for numerous other radical groups, including the Fabian Society from its formation.

Standring was personally opposed to socialism for many years, but in 1894 changed his mind, leaving the NSS, and joining the Fabian Society. He was almost immediately elected to its executive, serving until 1908, and again from 1909 to 1910. He founded and served as secretary of the Freethought Federation, as a rival to the NSS. In 1903, Standring was elected to Finsbury Borough Council. He was also secretary of the Socialist Supper Club.

Activities in the Orangization:
Executive Committee