Bland, Hubert - from United Kingdom

ID: 237960
Organization: FAB
Country of meeting: GBR in the year 1909-1910

Journalist, author and one of the founders of the Fabian Society. Bland wanted to attend the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich and become an army officer, but there was not enough money after his father's death, so he went to work as a bank clerk. Later, he went into a brush-making business that failed. After that, he worked as secretary to the General Hydraulic Power Company, parent company of the London Hydraulic Power Company

Before his journalism career, Bland had shown that he was "ill-equipped for business." It was Edith who kept the household going financially by having her poems and stories published. With Edith's support, Bland became a journalist in 1889, at first as a freelancer. In 1892, he became a regular columnist for the radical newspaper, Manchester Sunday Chronicle. His column contained "amusing, sharp-eyed, and pithy" comments. Critics praise Bland as having been "the most forceful and influential columnist of his day" who reached "almost the high-water mark of English journalism." Yet, Bland's "writings are now forgotten, except by a few historians."

By 1899, the Blands were financially secure. His job as a columnist gave Hubert "a secure income for the rest of his life" and Edith had become a successful writer. The couple lived in Well Hall House, Eltham from 1899 until Hubert's death and Edith until 1920. Well Hall was their finest home and it served "a salon for figures in the literary political world." › wiki › Hubert_Bland

Activities in the Orangization:
Hon. Treasurer, Standing Committee