Anderson, W. C. - from United Kingdom

ID: 238433
Organization: FAB
Country of meeting: GBR in the year 1914-1915

Was a British socialist politician. In 1910 he was elected chair of the ILP, a position he held until 1913. In September 1911 he was appointed to the Chair of the committee to set up a new Labour newspaper, which became the Daily Citizen. He acted as the Vice Chairman and leader writer. The paper was launched in 1912 but never flourished, Anderson left before it failed.

In 1913 he was the speaker for the special conference on the Public Transport Strike and in 1914 was a supporter of the Anti-War stance. The National Council of the ILP met to formulate a manifesto, Anderson read a draft which the council chose above Hardie's or Glasier's. Finally in 1914 on his third attempt he entered parliament, however he lost his seat in 1918 due to his opposition to war.

Activities in the Orangization:
Executive Committee (War Emergency)