Adranghi, Alex - from United Kingdom

ID: 238911
Organization: FAB
Country of meeting: GBR in the year 2012-2013

Research and Development, Financial Software Developer, Bloomberg, London (2009–2011), Manager (Quantitative Developer), Portigon AG (formerly WestLB AG), London), (2011–2014). Maths, Computer Science - Quant and Machine Learning (Front Office) London, (2018-present

Was the 2014-‐2015 Chair of the Young Fabians, the under-‐31 section of the Fabian Society, a FEPS national foundation. He served as a member of the Fabian Society Executive Committee and Young Labour (UK) National Committee. He spent a number of years working in quantitative finance in the City of London. He is a postgraduate student in Applied Mathematics at the University of Manchester. His areas of interest are finance, education, infrastructure and industrial policy. Alex is group principal investigator on industrial policy

Activities in the Orangization:
Research and Political Engagement, Young Fabian Executive