Berger, Deidre - from United States

ID: 240748
Organization: GLB
Country of meeting: in the year 2018

Is a Jewish US-American journalist and director of the Zionist American-Jewish Committee, Branch Germany.

Berger's origin is not known. She holds a bachelor's degree from Bryn Mawr General College in East Coast Pennsylvania and a master's degree in journalism from Missouri. She studied art history in St. Louis for a while. She worked for the left-wing National Public Radio for 15 years as a foreign reporter/producer in Germany, then for the news agency Jewish Telegraphic Agency (Neuyork), the Christian Science Monitor, the newspapers Los Angeles Times and Maariv (Tel Aviv), etc.

.In 1999, Berger became the mouthpiece of the financially strong Jewish lobby organization AJC, which was established in the Federal Republic of Germany and soon became its branch manager (also known as Lawrence and Lee Ramer Center for German-Jewish Relations). Since then she has executed the AJC-typical tight clientel-bound lobbyism and its representation of Israel's interests.,_Deidre

Activities in the Orangization:
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