Draghi, Mario - from Italy

ID: 240041
Organization: G30
Country of meeting: in the year 2018

Was been the President of Executive Board and President of European Central Bank since November 2011 to 2019. Mr. Draghi served as Governor of Banca d'Italia SpA since December 29, 2005 until November 01, 2011.

He served as Managing Director of The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. until January 2006. He served as a Director-general of Italy's treasury. He served as an Adviser to the Bank of Italy, an Executive Director of the World Bank and as a member of the Group of Seven deputies. He served as the Chairman of Financial Stability Board. He has been a Director of Bank For International Settlements since June 2012. He serves as a Trustee of The Brookings Institution.

He has been Member Of Governing Council of European Central bank since January 16, 2006. He served as a Member of Governing Board at Banca d'Italia SpA and served as its Member of General Councils. He served as Member of Board of Governors - Italy of Asian Development Bank until November 2011. He served as Director of Bank For International Settlements from September 2011 to November 01, 2011. Mr. Draghi has a Doctorate in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He holds a Degree in Economics from Sapienza University of Rome.


Activities in the Orangization: