Johnson, Thomas S. - from United States

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Organization: G30
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The United States-Japan Foundation has elected Thomas S. Johnson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of GreenPoint Financial Corp. & GreenPoint Bank, as the new Chairman of its Board of Trustees, effective April 23, 2001. Mr. Johnson succeeds Dr. Thomas A. Bartlett, the former Chancellor of the State University of New York, who expressed a wish to retire after seven years in the office.

Johnson was a Trustee of the Foundation since 1993 and has served as Chairman of its Finance Committee since 1994. His election took place at the semi-annual meeting of the full Board of Trustees in Kobe, Japan. He is the fourth chairman in the Foundation's 21-year history...

Johnson, who is also Chairman of the Board of Trinity College, has long had an interest in East Asia and education, spending two years as an educator in the Philippines from 1964-66, and serving as Treasurer of the Asia Society and as Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Institute of International Education.

Teacher: Master of Business Management Program, Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines (1964-66)
Administrator: Trustee, Trinity College Hartford (20 years)
Administrator: Trustee, Union Theological Seminary (14 years)
Greenpoint Financial Corporation CEO (1993-2004)
Manufacturers Hanover President (1989-91)
Chemical Bank President (1983-89)
Chemical Bank (1969-83)
US Defense Department Special Assistant to the Comptroller (1966-69)
Member of the Board of Alleghany Corporation (1997-)
Member of the Board of Chemical Bank (1983-89)
Member of the Board of Freddie Mac
Member of the Board of Manufacturers Hanover (1989-91)
Member of the Board of Online Resources Corporation
Member of the Board of Phoenix Companies (2000-)
Member of the Board of Prudential
Member of the Board of R.R. Donnelley & Sons (1990-)
Member of the Board of Educational Broadcasting Corporation
Cancer Research Institute of America
Asia Society Board of Directors (past

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