Maisonrouge, Jacques - from France

ID: 240107
Organization: G30
Country of meeting: in the year

Served as chairman and chief executive officer of the IBM World Trade Europe/Middle East/Africa Corporation and later as chairman of the board, IBM World Trade Corporation.

He was elected chairman of the board, IBM World Trade Corporation, in December 1976. He was appointed to become a member of the IBM Corporate Office and of the IBM Corporate Management Committee in December 1981. He was named a member of the Corporate Management Board and the Business Operations Committee in March 1983. He was elected to the IBM board of directors in June 1983. Mr. Maisonrouge retired from IBM on September 28, 1984 and became a member of the IBM Advisory Board.

On October 1, 1984, Mr. Maisonrouge was elected vice chairman, Liquid Air Corporation.

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