Steinhardt, Susan M. - from United States

ID: 241331
Organization: HI
Country of meeting: in the year 2010

Is an attorney who specialized in banking and corporate matters at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, American Express Company and Ramius Capital Group.  She is a co-founder and President of Homework Helpers, Inc., a nonprofit organization which to date has created 16 computer labs in underserved communities in New York City where students receive computer instruction and homework help, a member of the Board of Directors and Chair of the Undergraduate Committee for The Jewish Foundation for Education of Women, a non-sectarian organization, a member of the Parent Leadership Committee at the University of Pennsylvania, a National Commissioner of ADL and a Vice-Chair of the Executive Committee of its New York Regional Board, and a member of Friends of the Drawing Department at the Museum of Modern Art.

Activities in the Orangization:
Board of Trustee