Wodehouse, John Earl of Kimberley - (United Kingdom)

ID: 243525
Organisation: LeC
Land des Treffens: DEU-Bonn im Jahr 1984

Lord Kimberley was the Vice-President of the World Council on Alcoholism, an Associate of the Royal Aeronautical Society, and sometime Liberal Spokesman on Aerospace, Defence and Voluntary Community Services in the House of Lords. However, in 1979 he joined the Conservative Party. He was a long-standing member of the House of Lords All-Party Defence Group (Hon.Secretary from 1978) and became U.K. delegate to the North Atlantic Assembly from 1981. From that year he was a member of the Air League Council. He was a member of the Association of Conservative Peers, of the British Maritime League Council, the Royal United Services Institute, the Institute for Strategic Studies and the British Atlantic Committee.

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