Sanchez-Bella, Alfredo - (Spain)

ID: 243744
Organisation: LeC
Land des Treffens: unknow im Jahr unknow

He was a Spanish diplomat and politician. Linked to the National Catholic Association of Propagandistas,1 he held the position of Minister of Information and Tourism during the Franco dictatorship.

Among the positions held are: Deputy Secretary of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (1940-1941). Director of the Institute of Hispanic Culture (1948-1956). Ambassador of Spain to the Dominican Republic (1957-1959), Colombia (1959-1962) and Italy (1962-1969), and Minister of Information and Tourism (October 1969-June 1973). His links and friendships with the circles of Catholic thought in Latin America led him to intensify relations with the region from his various positions of responsibility. The pretension of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to articulate a Hispanic Community of Nations with Ibero-American countries to overcome the diplomatic blockade decreed by the UN in 1946, found in Sánchez Bella an active collaborator. His project to integrate Spain into the Latin American Free Trade Zone from 1957 onwards, as opposed to other options, was another attempt to materialise that objective.

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