Bate, Roger - from United States

ID: 244322
Organization: MPS
Country of meeting: in the year 2002

Economist who researches international health policy, with a particular focus on tropical disease and substandard and counterfeit medicines. He also writes on general development policy in Asia and Africa. He writes regularly for AEI’s Health Policy Outlook.

Board Member and Director, Africa Fighting Malaria (United States and South Africa), 2000-present
Fellow, 2000-present) Founder and Director, Environmental Unit, 1993-2003, Institute of Economic Affairs
Fellow, 2003, Director, 2001-2003, International Policy Network
Founder, Frederick Bastiat International Journalism Prize, 2001
Cofounder and Director, European Science and Environment Forum, (1995-2001).
Research Analyst, Warburg Securities and Charles Stanley & Co., (1986-1989).

Activities in the Orangization:
Member, 2010