Bockel, Jean-Marie - from France

ID: 244590
Organization: MSC
Country of meeting: Munich in the year 2009

Lawyer. 1984-86, Secretary of State then Minister of Trade, Craft and Tourism. 2007-2008, Secretary of State for Cooperation and "Francophonie" (French speaking world). 2008-2009, Secretary of State for Defence and Veterans Affairs. 2009-2010, Secretary of State for Justice. since 2010, Member, Foreign Affairs Committee, Defence and Armed Forces. Since 2011, Vice-Chairperson, France-Germany Interparliamentary Group. Since 2014, Chairperson, Senate Delegation for Regional authorities and Decentralisation. Chairperson, France-Baltic States Interparliamentary Friendship Group. Vice-Chairperson, France-Countries of the Horn of Africa Interparliamentary Group (for Djibouti).

Activities in the Orangization: