Helm, Robert W. - from United States

ID: 244667
Organization: MSC
Country of meeting: Munich in the year 2009

In 1978 Mr. Helm became a member of the United States comprehensive test ban negotiating delegation in Geneva, Switzerland, where he represented the Defense Nuclear Agency and supported the Joint Chiefs of Staff representative. In 1979 he joined the minority staff of the Senate Budget Committee as the senior analyst for defense and international affairs. In 1980 he became a senior defense analyst on the majority staff of the Senate Budget Committee.

In 1982 Mr. Helm joined the National Security Council staff as the director of defense programs and national security telecommunications policy. He monitored the Department of Defense budget, coordinated defense budget issues with national security telecommunications policy, and civil emergency preparedness issues. Following a nomination by President Reagan and eventual confirmation by the United States Senate in 1984, Mr. Helm served as the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Comptroller).

In 1989 he began a career with Northrop Grumman as the Corporate Vice President of Government Relations. In 2010 he joined General Dynamics where he serves as the Senior Vice President of Planning and Development, where his duties include government relations, strategic planning, international business, analysis and compliance, and investor relations.


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