Ailleret, Charles - from France

ID: 250026
Organization: NATO
Country of meeting: in the year 1965-1966

Died in a plane crash in Reunion Island on 9 March 1968, he was a general of the French army, deported during the Second World War, Chief of Staff of the armies from 1962 to 1968 and also known to have opposed the generals' putsch in Algeria in April 1961 while commanding the north-eastern zone of Constantine.

As deputy to General Buchalet and then head of military applications at the CEA, he was part of the closed circle that conducted the research to design a nuclear weapon: in 1958, he was joint commander of special weapons and led the operations leading, on 13 February 1960, to the explosion of the first French A-bomb in Reggane, Sahara.

He organized France's withdrawal from NATO's integrated command in 19666 and implemented General de Gaulle's strategy of a French "all-out" nuclear defence " (Translate)

Activities in the Orangization:
President of the NATO Military Committee