Alvargonzález, Alejandro - from Spain

ID: 250356
Organization: NATO
Country of meeting: in the year 2009-2011

Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs and Security Policy since 2016. Member of the Diplomatic Corps since 1987. Since January 2012: Secretary General for Defence Policy (Ministry of Defence) 2009/2011: Ambassador of Spain to Bosnia and Herzegovina. 2007/09: Deputy Director for International Economic Relations with Developing Countries (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation). 2004/07: Consul General of Spain in Shanghai (China). 2002/04: Deputy Director of Asia for Political Affairs (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation). 2000/02: Director of the Cabinet of the Secretary of State for Security (Ministry of the Interior). Other assignments in Geneva, Havana, Cairo and Central America.

Activities in the Orangization: