Almeida Sampaio, Luís de - from Portugal

ID: 250388
Organization: NATO
Country of meeting: in the year 2015-

Deputy Director of the Private Office of NATO’s Secretary General (Manfred Wörner), 1990-1993. Diplomatic Advisor to the Portuguese EC Commissioner (João de Deus Pinheiro), 1998-1999. Political Advisor to the COMSFOR (Commander of the Stabilization Force, US General Eric Shineski and US General Montgomery Meigs ) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1998-1999. Embassy in Luanda, Angola, 1999-2002.

President of the Portuguese Institute for Development Cooperation, 2003-2004. Ambassador in Algiers, September 2004. MEPP (Middle East Peace Process) Coordinator for the Portuguese Presidency of the European Union, 2007. Ambassador in Belgrade, 2008. Ambassador in Berlin, 2012. Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Portugal in the North Atlantic Council, Brussels, since September 2015.

Activities in the Orangization:
Permanent Representative