Furness, Christopher (1st Baron Furness, Sir) - from United Kingdom

ID: 251085
Organization: PIL
Country of meeting: GBR in the year 1907

He started his career as a buyer in Thomas Furness and Company, wholesale provision merchants, a firm owned by his older brother Thomas, and became a partner two years later. Stock for the business had to be brought in by ship, and Christopher found that it would be cheaper to use their own vessels, rather than hire other peoples. Consequently, on his initiative, the firm bought several steam ships from local shipbuilder William Gray & Company in 1877. In 1882 Christopher Furness and Company was formed and the business was split into two. Thomas kept the provision merchants, while Christopher took charge of the shipping fleet. After seven years as a partner in the shipbuilding firm of Edward Withy and Company, Furness merged it with his own company in 1891, to form Furness, Withy and Company. By a series of mergers, his firms become the main employers in Hartlepool, until they finally closed in the 1980s.

Member of Parliament for The Hartlepools (1891–1895)
Member of Parliament for The Hartlepools (1900–1910)


Activities in the Orangization: