Seymour, John Forman - from United States

ID: 261020
Organization: S&B
Country of meeting: in the year 1835

He studied law in Litchfield, Conn., under his first cousin, Ongen S. Seymour, and subsequently in Utica, in the office of Charles P Kirtland and William J. Bacon. In 1839 he was admitted to the bar, and entered into partnership with his brother, Horatio Seymour, in Utica After fourteen years of successful and lucrative practice, circumstances diverted him gradually from his profession and enlisted him in large business enterprises. In 1853 he was prominent in the organization of a company for the construction of a ship canal between Lake Superior and Lake Huron, by way of St. Mary's river, and his time was much occupied with this work for the next two years. From 1855 to 1857 he served as a director of the Kew York Central Railroad Company Subsequently he was for several years president of the Fox and Wisconsin Improvement Company. He seived as private secretary to his brother, on his election as Governor of Kew York in 1862, and filled subsequently with great efficiency the laborious office of General Agent of the State for the relief of its sick and wounded soldiers. He held no other public office besides that of Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of Charities of the City of Utica, for four years after its organization in 1873, and that of a member of a tax commission appointed by Governor Cornell in 1881.

Activities in the Orangization: