Sturges, Thomas Benedict - from United States

ID: 261024
Organization: S&B
Country of meeting: in the year 1835

After graduating here he went immediately to Andover Theological Seminary, where he spent one year, and then returned and spent two years in the Yale Seminary. His first engagement as a pastor was in Sacket's Harbor, Jefferson County, N Y., which he was obliged to terminate on account of his health, which suffered from the lake winds. He returned to Bridgeport in the autumn of 1841, and during the following winter supplied the pulpit of the Congregational Society of Greenfield Hill, in the adjoming town of Fairfield. This church soon gave him a call to become their settled pastor, and on June 8, 1842, he was ordained and installed there, and there he remained in office until June 4, 1867, when failing health compelled him to resign.

Activities in the Orangization: