Dent, Henry Hatch - from United States

ID: 261029
Organization: S&B
Country of meeting: in the year 1836

Graduated from Yale College in 1836, after which he studied law in Washington, D. C., under Francis S. Keys, author of "The Star Spangled Banner." As a young man, he practiced law in the office of Felix Grundy, at that time attorney-general of the United States. then practiced in Washington until the death of his wife in 1849, during which time he was offered the judgeship of the criminal court there, which he declined. In 1850 Mr. Dent removed to St. Louis, Mo., and while claiming residence there, he spent a year in Philadelphia, attending to the partition suit between the heirs of William Bingham and John Adlum, which decided the title to much of the land in Potter and adjoining counties.

Activities in the Orangization: