Brown, Joseph Venen - from United States

ID: 261118
Organization: S&B
Country of meeting: in the year 1842

Lawyer and publisher. After graduation he had charge for two years of the village academy in his native place, at the same time pursuing the study of law, but not fancying the confinement of professional life he finally engaged in a forwarding and commission business in Conneaut. In 1845 he removed to Sault de Ste. Marie, Michigan, where he continued in the same business with success He also established in 1850 a newspaper called-The Lake Superior Journal.

Under President Fillmore's administration he was receiver of public monies for the Mineral Land District of Michigan, and in 1853 he was appointed the agent of the government for the selection and location of the 750,000 acres of public land donated for the building of the Sault Ste. Mane Canal. He engaged subsequently in coppei-mining, but finally returned to his old home in Ohio for the education of his children. After having been a partial invalid from rheumatism for several years, he died at Conneaut on January 22, 1893, in his 77th year. He was born in Conneaut, Ohio, on August 23, 1816.

Activities in the Orangization: