Buttles, Albert Barnes - from United States

ID: 261119
Organization: S&B
Country of meeting: in the year 1842

Lawyer and trustee. He entered Kenyon College, Ohio, in 1837, and having passed through the Junior year in that institution, entered the Junior Class in this College, in Sept., 1840. On graduation, he immediately entered the Yale Law School, and studied until the Spring of 1844, when he received his degree, and was admitted to the bar in this State.

He then returned to his native city, where he resided till his death.

In the summer of 1845 he was admitted to the bar in Ohio, and practised law (with intervals spent in horticultural pursuits, on account of imperfect health) until Oct., 1854, when he was elected Clerk of the County Court of Common Pleas, and ex officio Clerk of the Supreme Court of the State. After retirement from these offices, in Febr., 1858, he devoted himself chiefly to private business, filling various local offices of trust.

He died in Columbus, 27 Jan., 1872, in his 50th year. He was born 25th Apr., 1822, in Columbus, O.

Activities in the Orangization: