Stevens, Henry - from United States

ID: 261146
Organization: S&B
Country of meeting: in the year 1843

Leading American bibliographer and antiquarian bookseller. He entered Middlebury College m 1838. A year later he obtained a clerkship in Washington, and in 1840 joined the Sophomore Class in this College.

He had been a member of the Law School of Harvard University, and had already distinguished himself as a collector of lire historical books, when in 1845 he went to London. The library of the British Museum soon made use of his agency to obtain American books, and in this way the present collection of American publications in that great library has been mainly formed. Mr. Stevens remained permanently in London, as a bookseller and was extensively employed by many wealthy American collectors, notably by James Lenox, in accumulating treasures tor their shelves.

He also evinced great literary activity. The catalogues which lie printed, of his English Library (1853), of his Historical [American] Nuggets] (2 vols, 1862, and second series, 1885), of his Bibliotheca Historica (1870), and of the Bibles in the Caxton Exhibition (1878), with numerous smaller pamphlets, bear ample witness to his bibliographical attainments, and the volume of his Historical and Geographical Notes on the Earliest Discoveries in America (1869) is a valuable illustration of his minute knowledge of the foundations of the history of his native country.

He died at his residence in London, Febiuary 28, 1886, in his 67th year, after a long illness. His wife, an English lady, survives him, and a son who succeeds him in business. He was born in Barnet, Vt., August 24, 1819.


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