Young, Benham Daniel - from United States

ID: 261221
Organization: S&B
Country of meeting: in the year 1848

Benham Daniel Young, also known in later life as Daniel Benham Young, but in College only as Ben D. Young, was born in Christian County, Kentucky, on October 16, 1822, the son of Harvey and Lucretia (Benham) Young. He entered College at the opening of the Sophomore year, being then a resident of Huntsville, Alabama, and his progress having been delayed by lack of money. On graduation he returned to Huntsville to study law, and meantime was occupied in teaching. He was soon admitted to the bar, and for a number of years lived in the family of Dr. John Y. Bassett, whose daughter, Alice L , twenty years his junior, he married on January 13, 1859. Although his sympathies were strongly southern, he was opposed to secession, and deprecated the war. He died in Huntsville on May 12, 1895.

Obituary record of Graduates of Yale College, year 1896-97, page 541

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