Nettleton, Edward Payson - from United States

ID: 261337
Organization: S&B
Country of meeting: in the year 1856

Completed his law studies, and on his admission to the bar in 1867 settled in Boston. From January, 1869, to September, 1873, he was Assistant U. S District Attorney, after which he entered into partnership with the Hon. F. W. Hurd. In December, 1876, he was appointed as assistant in the City Solicitor's office, and in May, 1881, was elected City Solicitor. He resigned this appointment in the latter part of the same year, to become counsel for the New York and New England railroad, but in May, 1882, he was appointed Corporation Counsel of the city, which office he held, with the respect of the community, until his resignation by reason of ill-health in December, 1888.

Born in that part of Springfield which is now Chicopee, Mass., November 7, 1834. He died from disease of the kidneys in Boston, April 17,1889, in his 55th year.


Activities in the Orangization: