Boltwood, Edward - from United States

ID: 261389
Organization: S&B
Country of meeting: in the year 1860

He studied law in the Law School of Harvard University, and was admitted to the bar in Boston. After a short time spent in an office in Pittsfield, Mass., he removed early in 1863 to Detroit, Mich, where he engaged in practice. He was in 1868 elected Probate Judge of the county, but resigned that office early in the summer of 1871 to accept the treasurership of the Berkshire Life Insurance Company, in Pittsfield.

After the death of his father-in-law, he became (in January, 1876) also the President of the company, and continued to hold both these offices until his death. Under his management the good character and financial success of the company were satisfactorily promoted. The effect of too close attention to business, following on the death of his wife, was to develop tendencies to consumption which foreign travel failed to overcome.

He spent the winter of 1876-77 in South Carolina, and on the approach of the next winter sailed for the south of France. He left Marseilles for Cairo, Egypt, on Jan. 10, but the exposure of the passage proved too great, and he rapidly declined.

He was born in Amherst, Mass., Sept. 4, 1839 and died in Cairo on the 6th of February, 1878, in his 39th year.


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