Wood, William Curtis - from United States

ID: 261522
Organization: S&B
Country of meeting: in the year 1868

For the year 1868-9 he taught in the Hopkins Grammar School of New Haven. From Sept., 1869, to April, 1870, he was a tutor in this college, but resigned his position on account of apprehended disease of the heart. He remained in New Haven until his death, with the exception of one year (May 1871, to April, 1872) spent in Ohio. During this time he was employed in private teaching and in mathematical study, and was looking forward to the profession of a civil engineer or to the chance of a position in the U. S. Patent Office. His death, which occurred in New Haven, July 15,1875, was the sudden and unexpected result of long-continued ill-health and mental depression.


Activities in the Orangization: