Prince, Charles O. III "Chuck" - from United States

ID: 264273
Organization: TBI
Country of meeting: in the year 2009

Former chairman and chief executive of Citigroup. He succeeded Sandy Weill as the chief executive of the firm in 2003, and as the Chairman of the Board in 2006. On November 4, 2007 he retired from both his chairman and chief executive duties due to unexpectedly poor 3rd quarter performance, mainly due to CDO and MBS related losses, while still receiving a $38m pay package.

Prince started his career as an attorney with U.S. Steel Corp in 1975. In 1979, he joined Commercial Credit Company, a predecessor to Citigroup that Sandy Weill took over in 1986. He was promoted in 1996 to Executive Vice President of the firm, which at this point, was known as the Travelers Group. In 2000, shortly following the 1998 merger of Travelers and Citigroup, Prince was named chief administrative officer of the newly created firm, Citigroup. He was subsequently promoted to chief operating officer in 2001, to chairman and chief executive of Citi Markets and Banking in 2002, and finally to chairman and chief executive.

Citigroup CEO (2003-07)
Citigroup Chairman and CEO, Global Corporate and Investment Bank (2002-03)
Citigroup COO (2001-02)
Citigroup CAO (2000-01)
Citigroup EVP (1998-2000)
Travelers Group (1993-98)
Primerica (1988-93)
Commercial Credit (1986-88)
Commercial Credit Senior VP and General Counsel (1983-86)
Commercial Credit (1979-83)
US Steel Attorney (1975-79)
Member of the Board of Citigroup (2003-07, as Chairman, 2006-07)
Member of the Board of Johnson & Johnson (2006-)
Member of the Board of Xerox (2008-)

Activities in the Orangization: